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hi,first thing first driverscloud is a global site,why is it that this fourm is on french,that makes no sense,i am from india,,love french but dont speak a word in french,i am relying on google translate to make this post,i have installed the latest version of your agent but when i run it it is causing BSOD,this happened 3 times,the bsod says SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXPECTION and it is caused by driver ma-config_amd64.sys    caused by adress=ma-config_amd64.sys+1dc0 ,i am using windows 10 anniversary update,if you give me an email id,i can also send you the mini memory dumps,thank you.                 


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Hello ;),

There is no forum in English for the moment because I've no moderator that speaks English You can send me the mini dump on my mail

You can too desactive the modules in settings page. Choose light in the menu and click on save button .then detect from web site  for connect automatically on your account.

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