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DriversCloud offering me old driver.

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So, I run it fairly regular. I noticed last week it was offering me an "updated" AHCI driver. I didn't think much of it and went ahead and installed it. I'm pretty anal about these kinds of things and like to keep my drivers up to date. So as much as I was surprised cuz I knew AMD hadn't released new drivers, I went ahead and installed it. Ended up it was ancient and because it comes in a driver "pack" it made all my chipset drivers out of date by years. Not that big of a deal, I still had the latest AMD drivers on my HDD and just reinstalled them after ensuring nothing had come out since I downloaded them.

Now its offering me an Nvidia driver that I can't find any reference to even existing except here. I don't really want to install it as I know Nvidia hasn't released new drivers. I replaced my video card a little over a week ago, so I had just downloaded the latest. I did look and there was nothing new...Its been a few days, I thought maybe it was a beta, but again I can't find reference to this driver anywhere, not even as a beta.

Just thought you should know. Probably just some sort of bug. Maybe exclusive to my system even due to a fresh windows install 3 weeks ago and changing video cards? Who knows.

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sorry for the delay of my answer.
Can you detect your configuration and post the link on the forum that I look at.
For the amd ahci drivers they are no longer returned for a while. amd encourages to keep the ahci drivers of windows 10 and 11. I don't suggest them for a while. 
Moreover, for a week I have disabled all ahci drivers by default for security.
For nvidia drivers I need the link to your configuration so I can analyze.

The proposed drivers come only from the manufacturer pages.

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