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  1. The pc speaker being plugged in creating a problem is a weird one, I have no explanation but I will say, I haven't used that 4 pin speaker plug in years. Back in the day with AT cases, they all had a little speaker in the case. But I haven't seen one in years. The M2 problem isn't so surprising though. Your system drive should be in a specific slot that your motherboards manual will describe. You want it on your main PCI-e bus and thats where your bio will look for it. You might see it as slot 3, but your bios sees it as slot 1. Glad you figured it out though!
  2. So, I run it fairly regular. I noticed last week it was offering me an "updated" AHCI driver. I didn't think much of it and went ahead and installed it. I'm pretty anal about these kinds of things and like to keep my drivers up to date. So as much as I was surprised cuz I knew AMD hadn't released new drivers, I went ahead and installed it. Ended up it was ancient and because it comes in a driver "pack" it made all my chipset drivers out of date by years. Not that big of a deal, I still had the latest AMD drivers on my HDD and just reinstalled them after ensuring nothing had come out since I downloaded them. Now its offering me an Nvidia driver that I can't find any reference to even existing except here. I don't really want to install it as I know Nvidia hasn't released new drivers. I replaced my video card a little over a week ago, so I had just downloaded the latest. I did look and there was nothing new...Its been a few days, I thought maybe it was a beta, but again I can't find reference to this driver anywhere, not even as a beta. Just thought you should know. Probably just some sort of bug. Maybe exclusive to my system even due to a fresh windows install 3 weeks ago and changing video cards? Who knows.
  3. Do you have it seated in the proper slots? Generally for dual channel if you have 4 slots with 2 sticks, they will have a blank slot between them.
  4. I'm with Sebastian. Get yourself a ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7. That CPU is a bottleneck for your setup. I have an RTX 2060 as well with a Ryzen 3600x and get over 100fps in everything I play. Having SAID that though, I notice your ram is running at 1333DDR (2666) and is rated for 3000. So enter bios and enable xmp. That might help a little. Crucial generally makes good quality ram so maybe you can experiment with timings and tighten those timings down as well. Ryzen is memory sensitive, so anything you can tweak with your ram might help a little. Either way, save for a new CPU. I see there are dropping pretty quickly here in Canada, maybe its happening where you are too.
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