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  1. Hi, thank you for this site and your time. On my HP NoteBook "Beatsaudio", W7 first then W10, I run into a 100% Disk Usage issue... Which is terrible as my computer works perfectly but... really slowly. I did all things it was possible to do (I found on the Internet)! I broke the original restauration point! I cannot go back to the initial restauration point I download the last W10-64 version... I think it's quite better. (More information in my signature on my configuration (if it works ) The last thing to do is to update all my drivers! as you propose with you site. I wonder if this will be useful Note : I am a bit surprised not to see any post on this topic in your forum Bonjour, Un petit pb de 100% Disk Usage sur W10. J'ai fait pas mal de choses... je me demandais si la mise à jour des drivers conseillée par votre site serait utile... Thank you for your time and answer .
  2. [New member] Bonjour, Hi,

    Please, does my signature work? I understand no message preview function.
  3. [New member] Bonjour, Hi,

    Hi, I'm José from France. Thank you for this site (that I understand is free or I did not see if you have paid services). Thank you for your time