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  1. Bonjour mon amis! In first pleace I apologize for create this thread in English, but my French is so poor that is embarrassing for me . I have read some threads in this forum referent to my problem, but i'm incapable to fix it with the replies that I found here. My problem is the famous BSOD page_fault_in_nonpaged_area. I have been informing myself about this, and usually it's a problem with drivers (I have to say I use Windows 8 64x, in a BootCamp partition on a MacBook laptop), but I scanned many times my system in Ma-Config and updated all my old drivers. The error happens when I execute any of the programs of the Office package, and sometimes (less frequent) when I try to use some navigator's software. I though it could was the netword card driver, but I updated it and keep giving me the error. I'm becoming crazy about this error and i can't find the way to fix it, that's why i'm asking for help Please. I copy the link to my system's scan with Ma-Config software. http://www.ma-config.com/es/configuracionpublicada/131336-0-1_resumen.html Thanks a lot!!
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